Licence, entries and payments

All entries:

  • Only entries online via
  • Only paid registrations will be accepted.
  • Entries will be closed at 15pm the day before the day of the classes. If the classes are full we 
  • closing the entries earlier.
  • Startlists will be online the day before the day of the classes around 17pm. 
  • Startlists: or through the app equipe.
  • We will following the starting list, if you are not on time you can start at the end of the class out of competition.


  • Seizoenslicentie 75.00 euro per rider, one-time pay
  • Weekend license: 15.00 euro/rider/weekend, per weekend to pay
  • Criterion license: 50.00 euro/rider



Prestige Cup

  • Horses are to be confirmed online (entries via the site) in the right classes for the 1st day. Entries do not have to be paid at this time. Entries and prizemoney are paid on Saturday after the last class.
  • Entries for the following days are done in the showoffice, before 18:00.


CSI2*+1*+YH through the national NF’s (FEI system)


Small Cups, Challenge and Sundays

  • Entries must be done online via
  • Entries can be done each week for the following cup from Saturday 12h00 onwards. You can only enter for 1 cup at the time.
  • Closing dates of entries/ posting of starting lists online :
  • New entries on the spot are not allowed.
  • Re-starts on the spot site  will be possible in some cases. However, entries for classes which count for challenges/points, are not possible.
  • Late arrivals can only start out of competion and at the end of the class
  • Payment of the entries/stables is to be done online. Entries on site ) will have to be paid in the showoffice BEFORE starting.
  • Paid entries of horses  not participating will not be refunded without a valid and proven reason (vet/doctor). In any case, entries will not be refunded for non-starting combinations which have not forfaited before the start of the competition.
  • Confirmation of your presence at the paddock is obligatory.


Prize Money :

  • Prize money is awarded to 1 in 4 combinations (in competition).
  • Prize money will be transferred into your bank account.   It is very important to give us your bank-information i.e. IBAN number and BIC number (for foreign bankaccounts) when you do your online entries. Please enter your IBAN and BIC numbers in the right fields. Prize money will not be paid in cash on site.
  • If in a class, there are less than 8 placed combinations, only 1 in 4 will receive prize money.
  • If less than 40 horses or 25 ponies, participate in a class, 75% of the prizemoney will be paid, exception the Grand on Saturday evening


General Information

For all competitions, the FEI regulations will be applied.

  • Horses have to be entered with their official name.
  • Headgear is obligatory everywhere, even for flat work in the paddock.
  • Riders are to wear the correct uniform during all compitions from thursday till Sunday.
  • The organisor has the right to change the programm/schedule if deemed necessary
  • The organisor is not responsible for accidents, theft, damage caused by fire, etc. The rider/owner is advised to take out their own insurance for theses cases.
  • A combination rider/horse-pony is allowed to start in 2 consecutive classes.
  • Qualification fort he GP’s on Saturday:


  • No qualification.
  • Entries are made online for the first day and in the show-office for the following days.
  • THE 1m40 classes AND THE 1m45 GP will be taken into account by the Belgian Federation fort he Ranking Points (only for Belgian riders). PLEASE ENTER YOUR LICENCE NUMBER AND IMMATRICULATION NUMBER(S) IN THE SYSTEM in the correct space



Qualification for the small Grand Prix: 

  • The first 25 combinations of class 6 on Thursday and the best 25 combinations of class 9 on Friday are qualified for the small GP on Saturday evening. If combinations are already qualified on both days, the 26th of Thursday will be qualified, then the 26th of Friday, the 27th of Thursday, the 27th of Friday etc.
  • A rider who qualifies for the small GP, can jump with the horse(s) of his/her choice. The winner of a small GP is automatically qualified fort he next small GP.
  • The small GP (1m40) is taken into account for by the Belgian Federation for the ranking point (only for Belgian riders) PLEASE ENTER YOUR LICENCE NUMBER AND IMMATRICULATION NUMBER(S) IN THE SYSTEM in the correct space

Dogs are not allowed in the equestrian center